It’s that time of year…

Each time I swing my leg over my bike, instead of contemplating the beauty of a long ride in the mountains, I can visualize myself riding to the start line of a race. I can feel my heart beat a little quicker at the thought of a pre-race team meeting and pinning on a number. Rather than pondering the sheer amount of volume I will pile on this week for training, I’m thinking about how my body feels, looking for signs that it is adapting to the latest round of intensity, pondering what level of power I will be holding during the next set of intervals.

I feel that funny mix of anticipation and nostalgia…

During each session at the gym or Pilates studio, I find myself latching on to each exercise, getting the most out of each movement, attempting to commit it to mind and muscle memory knowing that in a few weeks I will be on the road and doing strength work away from the watchful eyes of my trainers.

When I make coffee in the morning, I relish the opportunity to get two mugs out of the cupboard and set up Aero-Presses atop both knowing that, while I may be tired and sluggish, I won’t have many days where I can make my husband coffee once racing and traveling take over. Even the loud sound of the grinder can’t bring me down because the smell that comes with the right bean & right grind is hard to find on the road.

There’s racing in Australia & Argentina. Riders are posting photos from team camps. New kits are out on the road and new bikes are getting adjusted, a little here, a little there, so they’re ready for the first big race. My calendar is getting filled with travel dates and early season races. Soon I’ll revise my packing list so I’m ready for my first trip of the year: team camp. And, would you know it? I’ve got a live website.

It’s impossible to ignore. The excitement is building.