Nationals, Take 6 & Normalcy

After a few days in my hotel in Chattanooga, TN, I’ve thoroughly nested, made it a home-away-from-home and I’m nearly ready to race my sixth National Championships. Sixth? Wow. I hardly realized it’d been so many years since my first trip to Nationals in 2008. Before landing in Chattanooga, I was home in San Diego […]

Photo Focus

Many of the photos on this website were taken by the great Matt Wright aka Mr. Breedfreak Photography. He snaps photos all around the world with a special eye for sports like cycling and surfing, but also works out of his studio in San Diego, CA. Find out more at his website breedfreakphoto.com.

The Excitement is Building

It’s that time of year… Each time I swing my leg over my bike, instead of contemplating the beauty of a long ride in the mountains, I can visualize myself riding to the start line of a race. I can feel my heart beat a little quicker at the thought of a pre-race team meeting […]