I started coaching cyclists in 2008 while training and racing as a pro. I learned the art and science of coaching from my long-time coach Dr. Arnie Baker and through my work with many other coaches and athletes. Perhaps it’s my background as a teacher combined with my education as an engineer, but it’s safe to say that I love helping people improve as cyclists, crunching numbers while analyzing files, and helping athletes work towards their goals.

I work with athletes from juniors to adults-of-all-ages who have a variety of experience and cycling objectives. If you have goals, are fairly motivated, and are interested in learning more about yourself and cycling, we may be a good fit!

Coaching Plans: I currently offer two levels of individualized coaching: Standard Plan (based on weekly updates) and Monthly Plan (based on monthly updates). Each of my coachees keeps a training log excel spreadsheet and emails me with training files according to their plan. Coaching is year-round and follows a cycle that’s aligned with your goals and events.

Rides: I live in Newbury Park, CA and can be found riding in and around the Santa Monica Mountains on the road, gravel and dirt most days. I jump in local group rides and encourage coachees to join me whenever possible. If you live out of the area and regular rides together aren’t possible, I highly recommend coming to Borrego Camp as there’s nothing quite like it and riding with your coach is incredibly valuable. I travel quite a bit, so there’s a chance we can meet up on the road, too.

Trainer Program: I led Arnie Baker’s High Intensity Training 13-week Program for many years from my home. This is included and a major component of my coaching plans. It is a great tool in preparing for the season of racing or for target events. Stay tuned to find out when/where the next trainer class will be held.

Borrego Camp: All of my athletes are invited to attend Borrego Springs Cycling Camp in December at a discounted rate (Coached Athlete Price = Cost of Camp – Monthly Coaching Fee).

Private Camps/Clinics: In addition to Borrego, I enjoy planning and coaching private camps for groups, teams or individuals. Custom camps and clinics can range from single day to 1-2 weeks. Services can include an overall camp training plan, all routes with GPS files, talks on a variety of topics, guided rides, on-the-bike coaching, skills & drills, file analysis, and help hiring mechanics, chefs or massage therapists. Pricing is specific to the event.

Other Coaching: I offer hourly consulting on-the-bike, via video/phone, or in-person at a rate of $75/hour.

Event Add-on: For athletes who have the Monthly Plan, I offer a one-hour meeting for event specific preparation for $50. This is great for athletes who are rolling on their monthly plan but have a need for additional help for a target event.

See table below for more details on coaching plans. And contact me for more information!

Email training log, schedule & filesWeeklyMonthly
Training PlanWeeklyMonthly
Phone call or Video ChatWeekly, 0.5hrMonthly, 1hr
Rides TogetherYesYes
Trainer SeriesYesYes
Borrego CampDiscounted RateDiscounted Rate
Training Files ReviewedAll files, weeklySend all files monthly; 7-10 key files reviewed
Cost$300/month + $100 start-up fee$150/month + $100 start-up fee